Margoun Ultra-Thin Universal Finger Grip Strap Band Holder for Mobile Phones

When upgrading to a new mobile phone with a bigger screen, we often forget one important consideration: A bigger screen is harder to navigate one-handed. Just a few years ago your thumb could reach all corners without much trouble. But today’s 5 and 6-inch models just don’t allow single-handed operation, not without a little help.

We offer the Margoun finger grip/strap as a clever solution that can help you. It is designed to give you a better grip on your phone, to hook your fingers so your thumb is free to roam farther. This improved grip also makes it less likely your phone is going to fall off your hand and have an unfortunate encounter.

Made of a small, self-adhesive plastic strip with a stretchy band attached; this item is available in a variety of colors. The Margoun phone strap is very thin and pocket friendly while being sturdy, and maintains the pocket-friendly feature of the product with a slight bump. The stretchy band gives you a secure grip, with a comfortable feeling for your fingers.


  • Along with keeping your phone safe, allows you to have one-handed texting, photos, selfies, and operation
  • Slim design for easy movement in and out of a pocket, purse, or pouch
  • It will not lose its strength due to pocket heat, light moisture or sweat
  • Easy attachment to the back of your smartphone or its case cover
  • Does not damage the finish of your device and leaves no residue after removal
  • Available in multiple colors so you can match it with your phone, and your style