Margoun 5W USB Power Adapter with USB to Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone Phones

Keeping electronic devices charged up has become a necessity and just about every piece of mobile these days requires a USB wall charger, so having an extra one around is always a great idea. Whether you are at home or office, a reliable adapter/charger proves very useful. Now if you are going abroad, having a compact, safe, and perfect adapter could help you benefit even more! With the real struggle of losing power in the age of smartphones, Margoun offers its brand new 5W Power Adapter for iPhones.

The Margoun USB Power Adapter with an included Lightning cable, allows you to charge your iPhone smartphones; and other Lightning enabled devices in a fast and secure manner with 5 watts of power. Being compact and durable, it conveniently fits almost everywhere. You can also use its (approximately) 1 meter long cable for data sync with PCs etc. With 6 months of guarantee for the adapter, the high quality of the item is assured (the guarantee does not apply to the cable)


Powerful 5W charger adapter charges your devices securely and efficiently

With an included Lightning cable for Apple devices

Made of non-toxic and durable material

6 months of guarantee for the adapter

Widely compatible with other brands