Introducing a brand new portable power bank that not only powers up your devices but stores them all at your side.

This creatively designed power bank has an exquisite look and a small size (912mmx43mm) which makes it so easy for you to carry it with you anywhere. The 3 in 1 power bank simultaneously charges your iphone, Airpods and Apple watch. 5200mAh powerful wireless charger automatically charges your phone when connected via USB, the headphones’ wireless charging bin stores and charges Airpods and the charger is compatible with all apple watch series.

One fundamental feature is the LED light that not only tells you when your devices are charging, but when they’re fully charged. The whole charging process is also fantastically safe thanks to the product’s high protection against over-charging, over-voltage, over current and short-circuit.
The spectacular color combinations of black, white, grey and red make this product conspicuous. With an input power of 5V/2A , and output of 2W for watch, 1W for Airpods and 5V/2A for USB charging, you can rest assured that you are providing the safest and most effective charging for your devices every single time.