Place a marble on the starting point and cover it with a cup. Follow the routes on the game board controlling the marble by sliding the cup.  Try not to let the marble fall into a hole. Try giving each hand a turn or racing another person. Cups are selected by skill. Small cups make the game easier. The larger cup lets the marble roll more from side to side, requiring heightened concentration. If a younger child plays with an older one, the younger player uses the small cup and the older player uses the large one. In this way, the degree of difficulty will be more balanced. Likewise, the less dominant hand can also be used to balance the playing field. Get creative and have fun!
Product Features:

  • Contents :4 game boards printed on both sides,4 transparent cups: 2 large and 2 small ,4 marbles in 2 colors,1 red felt
  • Hand-to-eye coordination practice 
  • Handwriting preparation 
  • Heightened concentration and persistence
  • 3 years old and above 
  • Product Size:230x140x9mm
  • Package Size:260x60x260mm

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Hape Scribble Maze - Wooden Puzzle

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